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Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji appears as a city management simulation game

111% subsidiary Rich Alien (CEO Seong-wook Choi) announced that it will attract seed round investment worth KRW 11.5 billion and begin targeting the global market in earnest.

This investment was participated by leading domestic investors, including co-lead investors Stone Bridge Ventures and SV Investment, as well as Base Investment and SW, and 111% of the parent company participated in the investment worth 2 billion won.

Through this, Rich Alien plans to aggressively expand its business to target the global market with high-quality mid-core casual games based on popular IPs.

Starting from this investment, Rich Alien plans to launch the city management simulation game

‘Gambling Apocalypse Look Kaiji’ is a popular Japanese comic with over 30 million readers worldwide and a long-term, solid fan base.

The game is an original story connected to Kaiji's main volume, Part 3, Gambling Rogue, in which the player, who gains hope in life after breaking through Kaiji's “swamp,” goes from being a foreman at an underground forced labor facility to a top businessman comparable to the Jeae Group. It is a story of being born again.

The player secures funds through the “Golden Swamp” and expands the business by rescuing debtors from the workhouse and making them colleagues. By cooperating with or confronting various original new characters as well as attractive characters from the original work, the player You will grow your own business.

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