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About Rich Alien

​Accurately predict trends in the gaming market,

Strategic collaboration with famous IP

​Creating unrivaled games.

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Rich Alien Overview

Rich Alien is made up of people with over 10 years of experience from 3N+2K.

We aim to develop high-quality mid-core games based on Manpower within 1-2 years.

Established in 2021 as a 111% subsidiary of Random Dice Defense.


We aim to maximize our impact in targeting the global market by leveraging famous Japanese/North American animation and Korean webtoon IPs.

In terms of game core production, we sought to create synergies with our parent company, 111%, to shorten the development period.

We are creating games that can be released when the IP's appeal is maximized.


In the long term, we plan to foster and develop our own IP.

We are seeking to grow as a Game Focused IP Holding Company and provide stable service.

Collaboration with large publishers is also underway.


Recently, in a difficult financial market environment, the possibility of a growth strategy was recognized and succeeded in attracting 11.5 billion won in investment, and in May, the company moved to an office located within a 1-minute walk from Gangnam Station Line 2.



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2Q      <Kaiji Jackpot City> Mobile Global launch

1Q       <カイジ-激熱の街-> Mobile launched in Japan






11       <Cascade Kings>Mobile officially launched 

09       <Cascade Kings> Mobile's own soft launch 

              (USA, UK, France, Germany)          


07       Venture business certification

06       <Cascade Kings> LINE NEXT DOSI Service Agreement 

05       Attracted seed round investment worth 11.5 billion won

              Relocation of office building to Gangnam Station



07       <カイジ-激熱の街-> netmarble Japan Japanese publishing contract



03       Rich AleLeon established

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​Core Values

Rich Alien Core Value

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We plan to secure an unrivaled position through strategic collaboration with famous IPs and develop our own IPs in the long term as casual games suitable for targeting the global market.

team building

We form a C-level team with over 20 years of experience based on global business capabilities and infrastructure.


A company that can target the global market with proven game elements, IP, and cost-saving AI technology. Organizational and operational ability to quickly develop mid-core games.


With a strategy aimed at the global market, we aim to produce games that are loved not only domestically but around the world.


company location

A company located in the center of Seoul

The office is located a 1-minute walk from Exit 1 of Gangnam Station.

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