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Kaiji -City of Fierce-

사업 경영 시뮬레이션 - 무료(출시예정)

An story derived from "Kaiji"
business management simulation

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Kaiji - City of Fierce

Based on the popular manga "Kaiji", "Kaiji - City of Fierce-" is derived from the original work.

Unfolding as an original story​Business management simulation game

  • Genre: IP-specific business management simulation game

  • Game setting: 6 months after the conclusion of Gambling Roki Kaiji Part 3 "Swamp of Desire"

at the point In the original story, the player is inspired by Kaiji's victory and is selected by Tatiana, the daughter of a fallen conglomerate who became a hostage to the Jae-ae group due to some incident, and sets out to rescue her from the Jae-ae group. You will be given the task of rebuilding and expanding your business to raise funds.

  • ​Release: 24Y 1Q



Making colleagues and expanding business
A business comparable to Jaeae Group


The player secures funds through the “Golden Swamp”, rescues debtors from the workhouse, and takes them as allies.

We will expand our business, and of course, the attractive characters of the original work will be expanded.

Collaborating with or confronting a variety of original new characters

You will grow your own business.

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