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Richalien, a mobile game development company

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About Richalien 

Mobile entertainment
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A unique game company

Rich Alien is a name that combines the words ‘rich’, which means abundance, and ‘alien’, which has a unique feel. Rich Alien aims to create a unique and fresh form of game with higher quality by accurately predicting recent game market trends and using developed and proven ‘rules’.

With strong IP Targeting the global market

We produce games based on famous overseas animations and webtoon intellectual property rights (IPs) as simple and easy-to-play casual games. We plan to target the global market with strong overseas IP and develop our own IP in the long term. Recently, the potential of our growth strategy was recognized and we succeeded in attracting 11.5 billion won in investment.

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richalien games

Rich Alien's

​Special game

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Simulation - Free

Based on the popular manga "Kaiji", "Kaiji - City of Fierce-" is an IP-specific business management simulation game that unfolds with an original story derived from the original work.

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Adventure - Free

Cascade Kings is a casual mobile social game targeting North America and is an adventure game based on a differentiated 3-match system.

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